LA Kush Mints? Not on the menu-

My order from MedMama was subbed with something not on the menu. According to the label, I got "LA Kush Mints" and a search on Leafly suggested I got plain old Kush Mints, and not LA Kush Cake or anything similarly named, so I suppose this could be a cross strain that happens among independent growers.

Whatever the genetics, this is a bud that knocks me sideways with its buzz. With small, dense buds, it smokes smooth, and leaves plenty of kief in the bottom of the grinder. This herb is definitely indica leaning, but there is also sativa in there somewhere. I don't feel any 'couch lock' but I also don't feel like doing much of anything else other than raiding the refrigerator and cranking up the stereo. The buzz is like intoxication to me, meaning I wont be operating any heavy machinery while using it. :grin:


  • Nice review! @justaguy i also got this as a sub a couple weeks first I was disappointed but after having some that was erased. It does have an intoxicating effect..great description!

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