Indoor mendo breathe

This bud smells amazing like a gassy cake smell smokes smooth nicely cured


  • How's that buzz?

  • @TreesPlz couchlock started with a euphoria and melts away to a relaxing high

  • Thanks for the review. I received this split with GJ, and I can't believe this has been on the menu so long.

  • edited June 5

    I still have some Mendo Breathe trim left that I bought here 7 or 8 months ago. Thanks for reminding me about it! :smiley:

  • @Rockafire I know right that smell is magical

  • @MMsupporter beautiful pic's and a great review thanks. I'm with @Rockafire I have a little bit of mendo from a batch last year I don't remember if it was from loud or mom. I need to move it into the rotation but I have a few more weeks with my current flower. I need to start going through my 1/4oz and under jars lol, I get to that point and just want to hoard them like gollum 😁 my precocious little survivor's.

  • yep @MNTDWLER, the lower you get on it, the more valuable it seems. :D

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