Galactic Jack

Great smoke has a pine smell smooth good smoke


  • Looks ok how is the high is it hard hitting see it's back on the menu

  • Counter to what others are saying, this is an afternoon/evening strain for me.

  • @fallguy I agree with you. I feel like sitting around and watching Netflix when I smoke it. @tac It is a great smoke, nice piney taste reminiscent of JH but a stronger buzz then JH.

  • Thanks for info

  • @Tac the high is nothing special but I could be wrong because I dab huge everyday my tolerance is through the roof so if I roll a joint of this I'm high for like 10 minutes but the Mendo breath I rolled a joint of that and I was fucking stoned for like an hour

  • Yes MB is very long lasting for me also.

  • Thanks @MMsupporter for the information on this flower

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