GH Watermelon Kush

Anyone received this from the last time @LoudnCo had it up for grabs?
Just curious how it was, and if anyone has pics.
I just ordered some of this and Prem Mac1.


  • I have an order on the way myself. We'll have to compare notes.

  • It is as described. I got small nuggets with a little shake. It’s smooth. Will buy again.

  • @justaguy @leaf

    Thank you so much!
    Mine will be here either tomorrow or Saturday, so I'll post some pictures for everyone to view.

  • I hope you can provide a better description of the smoke too. Thank you.

  • Any reviews of this or any loud greenhouse? Interested in effects. Also any recent trim reviews?

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    Hey @MikeyC

    This is a great greenhouse that takes care of pain, and insomnia.

    I'll definitely get more. 😁

    This is what my half looks like. Not the prettiest bag appeal, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. (More than likely bottom of the bag. No complaints here lol)

    Also, classic kush smell with a touch of sweetness, and a nice candy exhale.

  • Looks mean nothing to me because I tend to vape and decarb most of my greenhouse purchases. Ty so much for the review. I never had loud gh yet and will totally try some.

  • @MikeyC

    NEVER been disappointed with any GH flower from either Loud or Mama

    It's usually always great πŸ‘

    You're welcome always, good buddy 😁

  • Looks like shake was that a half oz

  • TacTac
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    I like buds esp when am paying full retail

  • I like big buds and I cannot lie!

    I like all buds too.

  • @Tac

    It does have a lot of shake, but it is mostly little popcorn buds. This is the 1st time I've ever had this with Loud, so I figure this is bottom of the bag.

    No biggie for me, but I do understand how it can be upsetting

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Appreciate the pics like always! That looks great to me, considering price.

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