Unintentional pot references in TV shows

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I was watching "The Price is Right - The Barker Years" on the Pluto TV app. The four contestants had to bid on some items to win the chance to go up on stage and win more prizes.

There were 2 bicycles, and some weight control stuff called "Herbatrol."

The winning bid was $420.

That must be some good herb-atrol. :grin:

Here's the script: https://tpirepguide.com/?p=9280

It was bid number 3 and Adrianne won.


  • Would that be an intentional reference? I wonder if you can check msrp at that date and time when it aired.

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    @MikeyC - January 7, 1983 - I don't know if the other info is available.

  • 2 bikes plus cheap supplement equals 420 USD- someone math!

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