This is a hard hitter, the consistency is a little on the taffy side of pull and snap. The aroma is dark and rich with heavy dank kush overtones and musky almost nutty undertones. The high comes on fast with a hazy cerebral rush..the body blow is very heavy with a pain relieving tingling sensations that flow through your limbs. A warm sensation started at my temple's before spreading behind the eyes. A unfocused slightly dreamy high leaves you floating on the clouds after just a couple of dabs. The hashy flavor wasn't as dominant as I hoped, it is there only muted imho. I enjoy this shatter and would put it somewhere in the mix with bear og and hindu kush. All in all a dark rich dab that hits the body hard while giving a initial energetic buzz that soon leaves you relaxed, spacey and without a worry in the world. Classic Bubba any indica lover will enjoy the ride.


  • Second this. Definitely a VERY heavy hitter. If I had the means I would order another 4g just to have it on hand.

  • @nugget07 👍I bought it and put it back two or three weeks ago and forgot about it lol. It's been a nice surprise to rediscover 🙃

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