The menu has stayed the same for pretty much a couple weeks now . Most not nobady be buying anything are like me wating on the next drop I thought it may have been some updates yesterday nothing.


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    @medmama seems to have a pretty good stock..longest I’ve seen strains stick around in a while. I remember not so long ago when it was a handful for each shipper at most. If the indoor Sour Skittles comes back @tac you should try of my fav sativas as of late.. Anyone have input on the GH Cherry OG? Been 👁 that one

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    I am waiting for ice cream cake and salmon river. Really enjoyed the mimosa and trop cookies that arrived recently. There are plenty of gems on the menu imo like the premium blackwater which I will try if it's still there but there's nothing quite like the rush of a fresh restock.

    Edit: I just decarbed some a1 yola and if it's the same rn on the menu as the batch I have it's a winner. I also decarbed some blueberry zkittles from way back too!

  • Yea am looking for sativa's the ones that's on munu now iv had

  • I would love to see the Sour Skittles I have nvr tried it . If it pops back up definitely will

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