Just got limited on coinmama for some dam reason . What are y'all useing to buy Bitcoin something besides coainbase thanks


  • Tac I use coinmama. Never been limited before, what is the limit? Or did you just make too many purchases in a small time frame?

  • No iv been useing cm for 2 yrs usely make a purchase 1 time a month . Just all at once it said my account is limited and I can't buy anymore. I switched too cash app

  • @JustBeingBlunt thanks am now useing cash app have you had any problems with them

  • @Tac

    I use Cash App too, and I've never had an issue

  • Thanks for the reply

  • It might be your bank. I went round and round with Wells Fargo before they granted me permission to use my money as I saw fit when I first started buying BC.

  • Idk I switch to chime for online use . Bought 2 times with that card from CM without problems . Now its also saying they will not asst me nor help in anyway got me confused I wasn't even buying but maybe 1 time a month. Iv switch to cash app it sims to work very well

  • I only have issue with coinmama if I try to login from my phone and buy stuff not on wifi. If the IP funky and not in your area they may deny it

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