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I think a section of very high grade flowers would be good and even make it 110 a q to get 100 percent the best around . Perfect fresh stickey flower with the strong scent that can be noted a mile away . I do remember back in the day on this site paying 75 for a 1/8th and 120 a q and it was deff-premo


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    Reason I say this is I was in DC and picked up a q of jack H and it was some of the finest flowers I have had since the 90s one hit wAs almost to much . So it's out there just need the premium high test on the site 3 hr drive for this and was definitely worth it. and it was high at 110 a q which most of us would pay for this grade

  • I strongly believe 99% of the folks here do NOT want to see higher prices,,,whatever that reason or thinking might be !

  • Occasionally the premiums are premium.

  • @Katy yes, cheaper dope is what's needed

  • I only buy indoor and premium. I’m Definitely not looking for a higher priced option. 🥳

  • Yea I agree .

  • My state is going to be legal July 1 anyway so I will have my pick of what I won't

  • I do believe that @medman does his best when shopping after all he is competing with everyone in Cali for flower. In my opinion he has hit some real home runs. We don't need higher prices just more experienced growers.

  • @MNTDWLER . I agree with you 100 percent ! I have had 90 percent dank smoke from this site .. Going on 8 yrs they do one hell of a job

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    @Tac . Same here, I have never been screwed and the Premiums have always been great except for a few. But weed is like everything else in the market, quality fluctuates, dependant on demand and supply.

  • So because " quality fluctuates " it's ok to pass off lower grade as premium? I feel a disconnect to this reasoning

  • @Fallguy agreed . I won't the best of the best for the price . High grade premo is everywhere now . Even if your not in a leagel state it's there just have to get the right person

  • Am with you I don't mind paying more for the premo top of the line ⛽ that we no is pretty easy to come by with alot of states going green

  • I don't get it.....if I go to a restaurant that bills it's top steak as the "best in town" and it turns out not to be....I don't order it again. I don't cry about it. I learned my lesson.

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