Dabs taste like soap...

Struggling to figure this out. I've had a Crossing Core erig for about six months now. Used it several times with wax, shatter and diamonds from this site. Every hit tastes like soap. Thought it was 'new car' taste from the Core rig at first. Have cleaned it several times to no avail. Concentrates are stored in silicon containers kept inside air and lightproof jar. Always stored cool and dry in sealed container. Every hit has an odd, soapy aftertaste no matter what heat setting is used. Maybe I will test with oil from a vape refill to compare Core rig vs. vape pen taste. Any thoughts???


  • They do seem to have a weird texture or taste either one consistently happens when i order as well still good but taste and texture has been a issue more than once

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    How do u clean ur rig? Have u tried contacting the crossing core customer service?

  • ISO salt and hot water for cleaning. Have not contacted crossing yet. Probably next step. Frustrating.

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    I did a little research on this out of curiosity. Seems this is common for various reasons. You should look it up. Just google dabs or weed tasted like soap.

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