D # 12

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Received my D #12 from lound yesterday haven't had a chance to try yet looks good as a light smell of deasel to it from the east coast side. Still on the medmomas indoor jack h start fresh tommorow with this .


  • Jokerz 12 I ment

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    Thx @Tac . Wondering how his compares to some of the Sour Joker’s on the menu recently ..I know Mama’s is 🔥

  • I tried it last night It looks really good quality . My tolerance is higher than normal right now. I can't give a honest opinion. I did clean the house tho lol

  • So it did give me energy

  • @Doja_Cat it was cured just right in my opinion..loaded with kief but not sticky. Very sweet sour aroma..potent with a little hazy slumber towards the end.

  • It's not as good as the jack h I had from medmoma.
    Bud was a little on the dry side .
    The cure I give a 5 /10 .
    The ash didn't burn White don't think it was flushed very well .
    The smell on this is not strong can pick up a little gassy smell . Light smelling
    The effects are upbeat mostly in the head . Pretty good . Not premo

  • It's all gas in California and other legel states . Just need that here and it's easy to get so they shouldn't be a problem with getting it on this site

  • And I agree the stuff in Cali and Washington state well knock your head off with the smell . All of it as you know

  • I agree @superman38NC. Very potent and makes me sleepy on the comedown.

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    Hitting sour Joker tonight..cheers everyone! @djdj it’s a great batch..almost makes my heart race in a good way. Maybe to much could give someone paranoia🤷🏼..I typically laugh at myself when I get that way.

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