Loud Greenhouse 🍓 🍋 ade review

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They sent me a free joint and I am vaping half right now. This is similar in vapor output to the LA Kush cake. Taste the strawberry more than the lemons at the low temperature. It's a Mellow high that is like someone trying to sneak up behind me with a warm robe. Creepy creep creeping up on me but they aren't gonna hurt me just... Does this smell like formaldehyde to you... Zzzz

To be continued

It's a solid high and great for chilling but I got work done on it too. It's not as good as the LA Kush cake, runtz cake or jungle punch but I like it as #4 right now. And that's based only on first impressions.


  • And I have the munchies now

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    @MikeyC i received the GH 🍓 🍋 too.. Aroma to me smells like hay but it does give a decent high after giving it a few try’s. Probably one of my least fav’s in a while but it happens. Way less often than the 🔥 buds I typically recieve. Little immature seeds in some of the buds as well. Got a split of that and 🍉 Kush and that is complete opposite. Smells and appearance 5/5 pure gas⛽️! Loud anymore of that left?

  • I knew loud had to have awesome greenhouse too because mama had awesome Greenhouse in the past.

  • Can someone post a pic of this strain? Thanks..

  • LMAO @MikeyC great for the day I'm having thanks for the contact high 😁

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