🌵 San Pedro Cactus🌵

Hey all, we are interested in hearing feedback, has the dosage been good, any suggestions?
Happy Thursday!
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  • @Med Mama Helper did anyone of your people try it? What was their experience? Thanks!

  • I dosed with 7 capsules with no effect at all

  • @leaf , we have had 3 of our team members try and from their experiences it usually takes about 3-5 capsulses and an hour give or take for them to begin feeling the medicine.

  • @Jrock Mescaline which is the active component in the san pedro is very well known for one of its major properties as an alkalizer. Depending on the acidity of your body (usually measured by your diet..ie: meat, alcohol, smoke, sugar, gluten..) what may have happened is that it focused more on first alkalizing the acidicty in your body. Because we don't 'feel' or 'see' anything does not mean the medicine is not working. San Pedro is a very powerful healer. In the description for them we suggest them to be taken on a fast which already impulses our body towards alkalization. Once our body is more alkalized, the san pedro medicine will begin to work on more 'subtle' or 'spiritual' levels which could be perceived. In ceremonies with this plant medicine we usually have to go on a 3 day diet prior to taking the medicine to ensure that when we ingest it we are allowing it to work on our more subtle levels which is what most people are looking for when taking this medicine.. unless someone has cancer or another disease caused through an excess of acidity in the body..
    I can go on.. Hope some of that brought clarity and better understanding as to why you didnt 'feel' anything. It may take until the second or third try.


  • Usually the sensations we have gotten from this is an increase of energy, tolerance to work outside in the sun (cactus energy is very solar), creative mental space, positive energy, enthusiasm..

  • Very helpful. Thanks again.

  • These people who don't feel it want lsd

  • I must of missed it on the menu :(

    Hopefully next time!

    Any chance of getting peyote on the list?

  • I am a microdoser, and so far have enjoyed just 1 capsule dosage straight with water. Concur with the comments on “cactus energy” - I found myself having some spiky cactus like visuals, and it did seem to enhance both indoor computer time and outdoor activities. In the two times I’ve medicated, one was fairly late at night closer to bed, and the other was early morning - seems like a versatile usage, at least in my experience. Is a first for me but I enjoyed and look forward to the rest of the batch.

  • Its been 20 years since I've messed with cactus'. I've never known powdered San Pedro to be effective without extracting or concentrating the mescaline. And it takes more then a few grams of powder to begin. First off research, I went to the shroomery and it took a minute to find great info on consuming San Pedro. Also San Pedro/Peruvian torch can be ordered cheaply(powder, whole dried, fresh cut and live cacti)and easy to find. Remember this med momma helper is a salesperson trying to sell you something, and I don't mean this in a negative way at all (I appreciate them) its just reality.

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