Cherry OG

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I’m not the best at reviewing stuff but here we go.

Looks: The bud looked really good! Bright trichomes (I think thats what looks like crystals lol) but overall really nice and dark green.

Smell: I lost most of my sense of smell in December so I can’t give you the best idea. I can smell just a tiny bit and from what it’s a sour diesel type of smell.

Taste: On inhale sometimes it will taste like sweet cherries and sometimes it will taste like one of those sour plums from Asia.

Effects: I was looking for something to give me some energy and a good head high to get things done and make them enjoyable. This did it for me. Not only that, but when I chill out and play rocket league it’s 30x better 😂. Great head high, great energy, and you just feel already happier and better. After a couple hours or if you smoke a lot, you can fall asleep fast. Your body gets very heavy and relaxed. All around the best of both worlds.

Conclusions: Great Strain for anybody looking for a mood enhancer during the day and even for a before dinner smoke. Highly recommend



  • @Doja_Cat Actually wasn’t dry at all. I put inside a mason jar with a hydrating stone for a couple hours just to be safe but I think I put it in too long. The review is based off when I first received it.

  • @Doja_Cat any idea on what to do with bud that I left with stone to long? How to dry it properly or just leave it?

  • @Doja_Cat Thank you! Much appreciated!

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