Ordered Monday from Mama and came in today. Quick and perfect shipping, as per usual from mama. Buds are chunky and dense but on the fluffy side. Decent trichromes and great tight trim job. Haven’t got to sample yet but upon opening the package the smell of the product is of fresh flower/hay/chlorophyll - which is not good for a premium oz. The stems did snap and break but all signs point to this one not being dried and cured properly. I put in a mason jar and I guess I’ll hope for the best. Little bummed since I was really looking forward to this strain. Will report back when I try some later today.


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  • Man 🙁…@posternugbag. Have some coming myself..had high expectations for this one. Hopefully a little longer in cure will take care of it. I’ll review mine once received. Notice Loud has some up too. Mama’s premium hasn’t let me down yet.

  • I received motorhead today and I like it.  The smell and taste is on the weak side but the potency is on point. I wonder how loud's motorhead compares...

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    Good to hear! @Limonene i know Chem D can be on the lighter side as far as aroma.

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    What Are You People, On Dope?
    It's Motor Breath!!!
    Bunch of stoners can't ever get anything right

  • Expecting from both Loud and MM

  • @atlgator LOL!! Maybe he didn't order Motorbreath, maybe he ordered The Ace of Spades? 😜

  • Yeah my bad on the strain name blunder. I typed in motor and used my autocorrect thing on the phone to select Motörhead with the funny little things over the letter o. Tried smoking the freebie j that came with my package yesterday and it wouldn’t pull. Not sure what strain it was because it wasn’t labeled but that was an odd thing to happen. Must have been fresh and rolled too tight. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

  • @posternugbag @Doja_Cat

    I request freebie joints from Loud, and I put 'up to shipper for medma. I get pretty neat freebies from mom since I've done that. Usually when the j doesn't pull, I take it out the paper, and put it in a bowl.

  • @Doja_Cat

    About 6 months ago I got a 1/2 gram of shatter, and I've gotten an homemade brownie that had about 25mg of thc. I've gotten some pretty good joints too. Lately, it's been either a joint, or a jolly chip, but ya just never know when ya end up with something different.

  • @Doja_Cat

    Hmm...if I remember correctly, it was Citrus Sap. A sativa I actually liked, lol.

  • @Doja_Cat

    I have no doubt it'll make a comeback. A lot of her shatters do

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    Loved it!!!
    Waiting for Loud's Motor Breathe this week

  • Has anyone tried Loud's Motor Breath....?

  • Louds Motor breathe
    Haven't tried it yet

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    Thanks....I had read above MedMomma Motor Breath not cured so great? Just played it safe and ordered the Godzilla Glue instead..

  • It's awesome

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