Gelato Sherbet Review

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For reference I ordered an 8th of Gelato Sherbet for review purposes. I couldn’t find too much online about this strain so hopefully this information helps y’all.

Appearance: The flower on this is crazy. It almost looks white its so dense with trichomes and crystals. It is light green with hints of an almost dark green spots all around. It’s amazing! I’ll get some pictures up soon!

Smell: I can’t really smell that well but it smells similar to bacio gelato.

Taste: This is a sweet one. I tasted no flavors of diesel or any woody taste. It tasted more along the lines of starbursts. It’s pretty good!

Effects: I only took a couple hits of a gravity bong but this went straight to my head. Like smack in the middle of the forehead. I feel great though, definitely could do some chores or play some video games

Conclusion: 9.5/10 Highly recommend


  • @1k nice review my friend. I appreciate the review and look forward to your pic's. 👍 If I'm not mistaken the genetics are 50/50 sunset sherbert and gelato so it's almost impossible to go wrong with this bud. I'm intrigued by the color is there any purple shade to the flower? Just curious it's prevalent on both sides of the family 😁

  • @MNTDWLER I posted the picture of the biggest nugget! Sorry if its not the best!

  • Is this the Gelato Sorbet or Sherbet? I could have sworn there was a "Sorbet"...

  • Never mind. I looked on the menu and it is called both LOL

    Thanks for the review/pic. Glad I ordered some. Hopefully it will be here by this weekend

  • Sorry folks, I misread sherbert for bad.🙄

  • Shoot that does sound nice thanks for the review

  • @1k beautiful bud you can see the dense structure with that olive color gelatos get.. but I swear I see some purple in there struggling to get out. 😁

  • @MNTDWLER When I pulled the bud out in better light there is definitely some purple hidden in there

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