Alien orange cookies review

edited July 2021 in Product Reviews

Just received my order of AOC (not the politician) and its an amazing batch!

Appearance: bright green with hints of dark green throughout. The outside is covered in a white frost.

Smell: Smells just like an orange cookie with a hint of gas.

Taste: super smooth on inhale and exhale. Tastes just like an orange cookie to me.

Effects: laser focused and happy almost immediately. I felt like it was time to get shit done. Only smoked a small amount for reference.

Conclusion: 9.5/10 STRONGLY RECOMMEND
I’m stoned by just a small amount and my tolerance has been higher lately.


  • Looks like a 🔥 batch @1K_ . Appreciate your reviews. Maybe this one will return soon if @LoudnCo can get more? I’ve had two other batches couple yrs back and they were decent..but I can tell those are dense shiny buds. Very nice 😎

  • Dammit. Hopefully it returns in 2-3 weekz

  • I agree with the OP. Very smooth on both inhale and exhale. Frosty buds, Several large buds, but most medium to small. Didn't detect the orange flavor or smell but very nice day or afternoon product.

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