Possible landlord retaliation??

Sorry this has nothing to do with the service.

I'm a bit freaked out. Ok so the building manager sends me a text this morning telling me that the out of state landlord wants to do an inspection of the property, with the building manager coming along too. She said they are also inspecting next door as I live in a duplex.

This is VERY shady, as this has never been done before and I've been living here almost 9 years. I have never even met the landlord, nor have I even met the current building manager. I pay my rent to the management company always on time since they took over in 2016 and have had no missed payments nor any complaints.

I've actually not signed a lease with them in the past 3 years because they've never sent me a new one. Goes to show how much they care about their properties.

But what happened was I reported to my local code enforcement back in November or December last year about the front porch and roof needing serious repairs and that the management company wasn't doing anything about it. I complained back in 2018 and 2019 about it to management and nothing was done. It was really that bad. After they were cited, the building manager told my neighbor and I (its a duplex) to stay off the porch and that it wasn't safe. Great.

It eventually got fixed but now I'm thinking that this landlord is trying to look for a reason to either evict us because I'm sure it cost a lot of money to get that porch fixed.

So.....my big problem with this are the 6 feral cats that live outside and I don't know if they'll use that as a reason. I'm already taking my other 2 cats to my parents to hide them. They mostly just hang out on my back porch.

My older cat is already grandfathered in before the new management took over and I think it said no pets in that new lease, but obviously I'm not getting rid of my pet because of a simple error in communication. This landlord has deposits from my brother and roommate for dogs and previous cats that lived here.

If he ends up evicting us, I believe it would be a clear sign of retaliation because of the roof. I'm already looking at a lawyer if this happens.

Gee....and the eviction ban ends July 31st. How convenient.


  • The landlord is probably upset with the property management company he hired, not you. They get a cut of your rent check every month to look after things. They're not doing the job he hired them to do if he's hit with code violations. He probably is thinking he needs to see what other problems they need to address.

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    @greatspirit I wouldn't freak out just yet under most tenant ,landlord contacts there's a once a year walk through inspection clause.

  • You paranoid. Hide the cats and put your stash in the car for now. Be there when they inspect and agree to help and then don't help, nomesane?

  • Paranoid! Same happen to me but i came home with door an mgr. said inspection .I had bongs an things around but my weed came up missing! I said should i do! well did nothing but hid from mangment But when i was packing to move a year later Guess what I found my between mattress!!!! What fool i was ! I laugh now!

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    Zaclee! Use your phone to take pictures of what you hid and where you hid it and put it in the list and found folder

  • I know this thread is a few days old, but I agree about the paranoia (not coming from a place of judgement as I myself am a very paranoid person). Just remember, tenants have rights even without being a property owner. It doesn't sound like they're looking for a reason to evict you. Retaliation for the roof? You were the one responsible for the roof damage?

  • I don’t know how you figure you can get a lawyer and win that lawsuit. If the contract says “no pets allowed” and you have several cats, guess who is gonna win that one. Your only argument is the roof but you had the cats there before the roof even got damaged, so good luck with that. That’s why whenever I experienced any sign of a slum lord, I always moved out immediately. Now I’m living in a great place, besides a big spider infestation out side my windows and lots of bugs around, everything is just peaches 🍑

  • @greatspirit I live in a four house building, I know you mentioned you live in a “duplex”, so what would you call my building? A quaplex? Lol Idk 🤷‍♂️

  • @greatspirit thoughts are with you I hope that the outcome keeps your family together in a safer structure 💚

  • @MNTDWLER thanks man. It went well actually. My floor is finally getting fixed too from a leaking radiator pipe. I had my front door open and as soon as I told the landlord there were feral cats hanging out, the black one immediately shows up and looks inside. It was funny. I'm like "look theres one of them!" He didn't seem to care. I didn't tell them I had 3 cats that I own and they only saw the 1.

    @Moochy I moved in when my brother and roommate were still living here and they were allowed pets per the lease. They've had dogs, cats and ferrets. This is when the landlord himself sent the leases. Now this new property management company uses the same generic leases for all new tenants I assume. I'm in a different boat. So if I moved in when this property management company was handling the house, that would be different and I wouldn't have a pet. Hope that clarifies my situation.

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