Blue Zkittlez from MedMama

The awesome smell busted out the moment I opened the sealed bag. My smeller doesn't work right anymore (got exposed to oilfield chemicals way back and it wrecked my taste/smell) so when someone says "this tastes like candy" or "this has an earthy smell" I have to take their word for it because when I sniff it, I don't get any of that. However, from what I can smell with this order reminds me a lot of like Purple Punch... only different. It was a sweetish smell, with some earthy undertones.

The buds are tight, frosty, with orange hairs. They range in size from a small pencil eraser to one that was almost as big as my thumb. (I'll put that one away to enjoy later :wink:)

The initial buzz is great. It is what I would call a "high eyebrow" high. You know what I mean: you are sitting there enjoying the moment and it can feel like your eyebrows want to migrate to the top of your head.

The description would lead me to believe that BZ is an indica leaning strain, but I don't know. While I could sit and watch a movie right now, I could also jump up and do something outside. BZ has eased the pain, and the figurative cloud that sometimes can form over my head is long gone. The buzz is uplifting.

Good job with this one, @medmama


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    I bet you could get things done or kick back lol, from what I've been able to find is Blueberry Zkittlez is a sativa leaning hybrid while Blueberry Zkittles is a indica leaning hybrid. I was confused by the description too. Like you my smeller don't work.but I can definitely smell the sweetness of the Blueberry Zkittles I'm glad that the Blueberry Zkittlez is working for your pain and has the focus you need. Enjoy your meds my friend

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    Sorry about the berry added to the blue lol. Alot going on around here but the description of blue Zkittles and blue Zkittlez I could find follow my post at one time there were two blue z's on the board with very different descriptions. I hope it's the same thing I have great medicine.

  • I am really liking this one. It is going great with a cup of coffee this morning.

  • @justaguy yes it will,after I read your post I pulled mine out just for that unmistakable aroma. Enjoy my friend

  • Great review

  • I have some and it feels very Sativa feeling got cottonmouth and lots of get up and do something feelings with this strain.

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