Shroom tablets

I want some for my first Dead show in about 30 years. But medboy needs to fix that $1500 price tag, please.


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    I have tickets for 10/12 in Atlanta, want to do Charlotte but that 1 day between shows makes it tough. Like you I haven't seen a dead show since 93. I've seen rat dog a couple of times but no big shows . It's hard to pull off without Jerry 😥. Think about it the baby's we saw at our last show are in their 30's now lol Enjoy your shows and stay more than medicated my friend 💚💨🍀

  • Agreed on all that. So, my wife and I’ll be at the ATL one too. I saw John Meyer in Charlotte years ago. They say he does a good job. We’ll see. Weir’s half the show anyway....I’ll see you there.

  • @MNTDWLER on second thought it was 1993 that we last attended and it was also in Atlanta. Small world.

  • You should just buy shrooms at the show

  • Hi has anyone tried the microdosing tablets yet and have any reviews? I have them and im about to start my microdosing journey this week , would love some insight ! Thanks

  • I did. I took 150 mg (1/4 of a tablet) once a day for three days last week. No trips, of course. But it was nice.
    This week I’ll plan on 1/2 a tablet once a day for three days.
    When the Dead come to town if a few weeks, again a low dose, but a bit higher.

  • @leaf thank you ! Starting today:)

  • I hope these come back or something like it … just started using but now that med ma is gone idk if we will be able to get more

  • I know , im glad i got some a few weeks back , hopefully they will find a good supplier soon !

  • I always miss the good shit 😫

  • Medboy announced med mama is coming back for 1 more week just now in the retirement thread

  • I just hope she comes up w some shrooms on the list for the week

  • Has anyone tried the mycro mushroom tablets?

  • tablets are up, taken as a micro are just that, mood enhancing and neuroregenerative.

    Take an entire tab and you may just have a journey.

    We've never experience stomach issues with these, and the taste is mild, and a discrete way to intake.

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