Premium SFV OG Kush from Loud

Says its Indica dominant. Anyone ordered this strain from Loud yet? Don't see many people talking about it on the message board.


  • I have it
    It's definitely indica! Smoke enough, and pass out.
    I really dig it

  • It's fantastic - ordered it twice already. Got high and thought I sit Allen wrench with it and I didn't and ordered more...

  • Sfv og for yall

  • Dear God! Please tell me this is mama's outdoor batch.

  • @Fallguy

    Sorry for not specifying! This is Loud's Prem SFV OG.
    I did hear that Mom's outdoor is good too

  • I just received my Prem SFV OG. Needless to say this shit is FIRE!!! Smelly n a good way. Very loud! I took one bong hit with a .10 amount of tree. Was so fucking high for hours. Definitely would recommend! Thanks guys for your input!

  • Keep meaning to get round to this but for some reason thought was sat

  • Yup. Confirm

  • Allen Wrench also

  • And it's off the menu!

  • I love this strain but it's definitely not SFV OG as ive grown most of these older strains ( for years) offered here and this offering is the Hollywood OG cut mislabeled as SFV.. I was extremely happy about it as I thought id never see the Hollywood again after letting her go in 2009.. look it up and you'll see the internet pics even match what im saying. Bout to cut open my last oz of this😍

  • Loud always as good stuf

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