25 years of smoking to realize… less is more🤦

Im typically a 1.5 to 2 gram per day smoker. I could easily smoke 3g on a rough day.
I weigh my hits and pretty much smoke my bong all day.
I often find myself chasing the dragon and feeling my tolerance is too high and the magical effects are dulled to nothing.

I decided not to take a day or two off, I just cant, but to try smoking much less. .15g maybe 2 or 3 times per day. Not even half a gram total.

WOW! Total game changer in 1 or 2 days! The high is rich and beautiful and creative and joyous every time now. Its like that first magical time, every time! I often start crying it feels so good.

I don’t feel any negative effects from doing this so “abruptly”. No cravings for more.

I can’t recommend it enough. 🥳


  • Nice idea! I've noticed when I cut back as well (usually from either allergies or sickness...or just running out before the next shipment drops) that it hits me harder. How do you weigh your hits? ("What is the weight of smoke?" -SMOKE, Harvey Keitel, John Hurt) I assume you have a digital scale for each bong pack?

  • I guess CBD isn't the only one that we have a reverse tolerance too

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    53 year smoker here. Took me till this year to "slow down and smell the roses". And then, only out of financial necessity. Don't feel bad. Plus, it helps to find the most potent bud available. Lol (that's 37% in the pic. An eighth lasts me 10 days instead of the previous norm of 3.)

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