Anyone near Reading PA?

I bought a bunch of sativas and they worsen my anxiety. Will give you for nice discount


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    The kratom forum I'm on has a "trading post" where you can trade strains with others. Some day in America I believe us cannabis criminals will have similar option.

  • Mewe or double m?

  • What? Mikey I don't understand. These are vape carts like 6 of them and I have edible freebies and a gram too.

  • I was talking to fallguy

  • mewe has some amazing small batch vendors. I only use TFH but their a private vendor🙁. Check it out. I use small amount 1-2 times a day and I've completely stopped the amphetamines the doctor was feeding me. Great energy and mood boost unlike the prescriptions that had me jittery and twitchy.

  • Im all about the small batch... Come to the dark side... Mwu hahaha.

    But seriously there's great stuff everywhere. I love loud right now and am excited for the cannabis club.

  • @KannaMannnn shit I would take the nice hour and a half drive down and see the nice China restaurant on top of the mountain again but I haven't smoked in almost 2 months because I need a job.

  • hahahah the pagoda?

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