Washington flower connection ?

@medman I like CC & I'm looking forward to trying Merlin's refills. But is there a Washington connection in our future? I know you have to work your derriere off finding shippers and flower. But it'd be unreal to get bud from the big three
Really this is jmho and I know everyone has their own. Their are two things we really are getting desperate for gummies and mushrooms. @LoudnCo since your the only shipper i can contract lol😎 have gummies and shrooms been considered for your menu? @LoudnCo Thanks again for the years of kick ass med's that I depend on to help with my medical problems. Oh yeah I almost forgot thanks for giving me everything i need..when I just want to get bong hugg'n, walleyed , space cadet stoned😜 " See what happens when you post after Sunday morning runtz terp sauce and runtz flower sessions.. THWE space cadet stoned😁😂🤣.


  • Loud is from Washington

  • ^^ Can confirm.

  • Confirmeddd

  • @MNTDWLER been messing with that mars landing, its understandable.

  • how about an Oregon connect?

  • LMAO okay this IS what happened..I'm missing mom got medicated to the max and posted. I still think wa bud is the best but I'm missing that CALI connection that's in a dead tie for first jmho. @Theboyua I haven't had the opportunity to try oregan bud yet but would love to try it. My love for California flower started in the emerald triangle in the early 70's so I'm probably biased 😁.

  • @MNTDWLER haha.. we've all been there. Smoking while posting!!

    I currently have a very reliable Oregon connect. The bud is awesome. Currently smoking some Mt. Hood Magic. Might be my favorite strain. Shit is dank.

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    @Theboyua I'm waiting for a sunset sherbert purple kush cross to finish up😋. I Do like dank😁

  • Hey, anybody order Loud's Ice Cream Cake?

  • If it's anything like @LoudnCo wedding cake..it's a keeper.

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