Edible Gummies Mix n Match…

I’m sorta confused on what these are based on the description.

Is it jello? Is it a mix of various types of gummies? Are we supposed make our own edibles using some sort of mix or would we receive these as a final product? What are the flavors?

Have any of you had experience with this purchase? What are your thoughts? How relatively long is the shelf life?

The THC gum drops from MM being removed from the menu leaves a huge gap in selection as we all know, but I’m hopeful we’ll get some new product soon.


  • @LoudnCo

    Can you shed some light

  • They are gummies, you do not make them yourself but you can mix n match in the sense that you can get 75mg, 150mg and 600mg as long as the final total of mg equals 2100mg. The most popular buy is 28-75mg gummies. I strongly recommend putting them in the fridge once you recieve them. The flavors are just whatever mix we have on hand but if you are allergic to a certain flavor we do accomodate. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Thank you for the response, @LoudnCo ! What a great price for that quantity. Do all of the gummies look like the bong shape in the picture?

  • @batman no they do not. That is the 600mg gummy. We have a variety of molds we use. The 75mg are squares, the 150mg are worms, and 600mgs are a few different molds. I personally would not recommend the 600mg unless you have a HIGH tolerance to edibles or if you really want to rock your world. I, for one, do not mess with those at all. In my younger years I would eat them no problem but at my age I just cannot.

  • @LoudnCo haha I hear you loud and clear, no thanks for me either. Glad to hear you use squares for the smaller pieces - 75mg would be the most I’d go for personally. I saw it specifies these are sativa. Any potential for indica gummies in the future?

  • @batman hopefuly! The way we make the gummies it is hard to make sativa or indica specific ones.

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