Discount Outdoor - Sour Diesel x OG Kush

I’m on my 3rd zip of this and I am surprised nobody else is talking about it. To me it’s a strong hybrid that slightly leans Sativa. It’s about the most Sativa I can take without the effects turning to anxiety and I get the jitters. I prefer Indicas but tried this since it’s a discount and it’s very strong. I usually roll 1.5g in a wrap and I only need about half of that per session. It’s dry, makes me cough, and isn’t the best tasting, but MAN does it get the job done! Just an fyi for you hybrid/sativa folks out there. You’ll want to put this with a humidity pack for sure but I think y’all will like it.


  • I've tried the Cali SD and like that as well. Energizing but has a stonier edge to it.

  • I requested that as a sub in case they don't have what I ordered.
    I'll probably order some next week if it's still around.

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