CC headwreck

Hi everyone my state as gone legal a few months ago been smoking exotic despecery bud.
I found my self to keep going back to the headwreck from cc yes it was extremely dry when I received used bovada for 3 weeks on it now its a very good hard hitting sativa . Its better than some brand names I have purchased. Just waiting for cc to hit with another sativa dominate


  • I like sativas as well so the Green Cush is worth a shot if youre a sativa fan. It was a little dry too though. Their Blue Dream is good too, havent tried their Durban Poison yet.

  • The green cush turned into sugar is fantastic. I decarbed it and did the Emily Kwik gold dragon and it's gummy bears now . Such a great feeling as a gummy!

  • Ima have to get round to trying that gold dragon turning into edibles, sounds good

  • Oh!!!!! Dragons, gummy's edibles oh my !!!!!!!!!

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