Only received half my order

I need help from Medboy. Thanks


  • Scratch that. I just need to.learn how to use a scale.

  • @Kellybelly99 digital, or analog scale? 😀

  • @Kellybelly99 been there but I was totally toasted😂🤣🤣

  • @TreesPlz digital. I had it on the Oz. Not Grams so I read it wrong. Old head mistake. MM is awesome! MB got back very fast and I told him it was my mistake. The customer service here is great😀! I'm very pleased with the CC MIX STRAIN!!! THANKS MEDMAN!

  • Ha! I've a tually received half before and they fixed it. I had a friend receive double too!

  • Once, I ordered an 1/8th to try a strain and got a 1/2oz LOL I like those mistakes

  • I still have two zips stuck somewhere, three more on the way. Going on week three for the first two, a week and half on the rest. I hate waiting on mail.....

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