I have wax & i want to make some thc butter with it. Help?

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So, I'm having a tooth pulled tomorrow, thus no smoking. I have some wax, and shatter, and I'd like to make some canna butter with them to make some medicated custard with it, or mashed taters, etc.

Any help available?

I've been mia lately due to a virus, then tonsillitis. Is this what 42 yrs old looks like? Haha! Just kidding, can't get this Cajun gal down.


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    Yes. You still want to decarb that and then infuse it into the butter.

    Step 1 decarb(I actually do 240° for 40 minutes but keep an oven thermometer in the edibox where the flower is inside mason jars that I then add butter into after)

    Step 2 infuse in ghee or butter (unsalted as salt competes)

    Step 3 Strain with cheesecloth

    Optional step 4 add liquid sunflower lechitin 1teaspoon per oz of butter

  • @MikeyC

    Thank you so much!! Exactly what I needed!!

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    How long you decarb is a personal preference but based on the data I've read I do 240° F for 40 minutes, and the mason jars when decarbing I use aluminum foil as the cover, then after it's done I freezer for 15 minutes and immediately add to the slow cooker after filling my jar with decarbed whatever with butter/ghee/MCT oil.

    MCT 155-155, coconut 170-180, ghee 200-211

  • @MikeyC

    It worked perfectly! Thanks again!
    Im fucked up on mashed taters, yay!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 That's badass! Now I want some of them taters!
    That just made my day! It is amazing how the little things like that make me so happy.

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    Right? Haha! I'm mad at myself for not trying this sooner as it was as easy as making an apple pie, but didn't require as many steps.
    Now, im about to make some medicated scrambled eggs! 🤣

  • Years ago someone told me they would take a ground-up bud and mix it up with peanut butter, nuke that in the microwave, then he put that on crackers put the crackers in the oven.

    I think I tried it once and got good results. It was 20 years ago, but I think I might try it again.

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    Toasteroven^ it's called a firecracker


    I'd just add the decarbed bud 240@40 minutes) to applesauce and go for it. But that would be stupid as there's no fat- eat some bacon then

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    I got so fried today, that I got 'too high', if that's such a thing 🤪, and puked. Hahaha! Reminds me of that 1st dab ever!

    I'm not feeling any pain, though 😂

  • Hahahaha. I haven't had that happen with thc yet

  • @MikeyC

    I think it's a trait i inherited from my Dad cause if he smokes too much, he pukes.

    We always laugh about it because it's like, "damn, this must be some good shit then".

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