New Distillate vape

Please has anyone invested in the new distillate vape? What is the verdict? I'm gonna invest in 4 if they are worth the money!I have spenm the last 24 hours calling on online vapes but to know avail of a quality better than we have here!Gotta have some vapes nothing betterthan cup of coffee an a vape in the Board room! Just a review be nice tks


  • Thank you for the info HeartlandHippie2945 was very informative an answered my question!

  • After reading that article sounds like CaliPiff should not be on @medman's menu. The Reddit video was disturbing. The photo of the 2 "boys"
    was more disturbing.

  • Same here ! I was going to try them out to, but I looked them up and found the same information as HeartlandHippie2945 the only difference I see is that MMs has the Cali Logo on them ,so I'm skeptic about trying them till I hear some feedback from MM or someone.

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    Just ordered 10g of D8 distillate "berry gelato" cannabis derived terps for $30. I believe this will be better then all of these disappointing grey market vapes/refills and for $3 a piece! I will report back.

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