Address snafu:put BLGD instead of BLVD

I ordered and got payment confirmation from Loud 11/17.
But it’s not here and it never showed up on IF- even as a pre shipment
I think I. Screwed mussels over…..
This is all my fault -but I did t take responsibility-

I accidentally made a typo on my shipping label- put BLGD rather than BLVD, which is what I always put. And it’s followed by my apartment number
Four years- nothing line this and was big Order

It’s 12 days Monday so I’m contacting medboy or whoever- if he shipped it there should be a tracking number- wondering if scanner wouldn’t read it - I heard that - dunno if it’s true

Anybody got thoughts? But please no snarked comments - Ivd best.myself up enough!
This ns


  • if you misspell or even add anything other than your address it will not show up on informed delivery.
    the only way to track now would be to have the actual tracking info.
    louds been slow the last few weeks so Monday maybe your day remember we had turkey day to so everything is lagging a day.

  • Personally, I think it being only 1 letter off wouldn't cause a huge deal, like, it should still show up on your doorstep, but I do agree it probably won't show up on ID.
    Keep us updated 💚

  • thanks for your comments -- I'm read the same thing about IF delivery -- and tracking in general.....I know Loud is busy and not always the quickest -- he will help me sort this out. If he sent it out, there HAS to be a tracking number even if it didn't show on IF - - or else he simply didn't sent it. It will get worked out. I will keep you posted. Thanks for caring!!

  • Yes, they do have the tracking number

  • GREAT NEWS -- the package has was tracked and delivered to my apartment's OFFICE because it wasn't big enough for mail box -- which is where "package delivered" notice said it was..... and they never bothered to email me or tell me.
    There was no IF for this package -- but this has happened before many times...I don't sweat it -- it's beats roaming the dangerous streets at 3 a.m. buying dirt weed. -- This place does a great job. This was ALL my fault. Yet they answered my message on a SUNDAY! Thanks Medboy. You're a champ.

  • Happy ending

  • edited November 2021

    I like happy endings, especially after a good massage.

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