Funny USPS

Here’s a good one. We have a different type package that also happened to originate in Ca. That has visited five postal facilities including our local one in about 8 days. Then it left the area again. Efficiency might make them a bit more profitable?



  • I had something like that happen with a pack from here.
    It got to the usual regional dc, then when it got to my local office, it went 40-50 miles the wrong way to a smaller town than mine, then back to the region dc then another small town before getting to me. It only added a day or two though.

  • Speaking of efficiency though. The next town over used to be the regional dc, but they changed shit. Now if I mail a letter to someone in my town, it goes 80 miles away and then comes back.
    The old dc is still a post office, it's just an old big ass post office with a shitload of cool antique PO boxes.

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