Odd Issue with Order Tracking

Was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with informed delivery not tracking a package. Put in an order on the 18th, but haven't seen it anywhere on informed delivery. Been checking every day since I put the order in, lol.

Paranoid part of my brain keeps telling me I screwed up with the address somehow, but idk. I remember just letting it autofill and there hasn't been an issue in the past when I did this. Hell, in the past, I'd usually see the package show up on ID like a day or two after the order is made (depending on the weekday I put it in).

Anyway, all I really want to know is if anyone else has had an issue like this. Really hoping USPS is just being lazy with their tracking. I sent an email to medboy, but didn't realize that it was right after he started his vacation. Looks like it'll be a little while before I hear back from him.


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    This has happened to me a few times, and it's always been worked out.
    I would be willing to bet this is on usps' part, and it's been misplaced somewhere, or just hasn't been scanned due to the holiday season.

    Rest assured @GreenInTheDesert , it'll be taken care of as soon as medboy is back from vacation. 💚

  • I put an order in with Loud around the same time and still no label.

  • @Higheveryone23 yeah.. looking around on the forums, it seems to be a pretty common issue right now. I had ordered from Loud too. MB got back to me yesterday morning and said he'll check the situation with them once they open their doors again on the 4th.

  • UPDATE: The order has shown up on informed delivery now. No estimation on the delivery date, but it says the package is in pre-shipment. A label was created at 5:00 this morning. A little strange, but this could be indicative of the issue being resolved soon.

    Wouldn't surprise me if Loud was waiting until the new year to start sending out shipments past a certain date. Packages do have a habit of getting lost around the holidays after all. And Lord knows we don't need that, lol.

    Anyway, hope anyone reading has a happy new year!

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