Loud’s Wedding Cake doesn’t seem right

Got some Wedding Cake and it doesn’t look, smell, or feel like it should. I’ve had Wedding Cake about 4-5 times and this must be mislabeled. It’s also not very strong but oh well. Just a PSA for anybody wanting to grab some of that when it’s back up for the new year. I thought I remembered seeing somebody else here in the forum saying it seemed off as well, so it’s not just me hopefully.


  • I hope it was a mistake, but I do feel had by a bait and switch.

  • Same happened to me. Last batch I ordered an half oz of the wedding cake..loved it. Ordered an eighth of the wedding cake again with other goodies and it was a completely different strain of weed looked smelled and tasted just like the dolato I had ordered.

  • Same thing here, ordered rain chip gush from Loud and co.first time, it was great. Reordered and totally different from first batch. It was okay. Just disappointed, it wasn’t the same.

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