When an order is not shipped after the 14 business day alloted time, are you able to get a refund or choose from another supplier?
I am only asking a question here as I have never had any issues with late arrivals. But, this time, I am already at Order placed afternoon of 02/05 and label created 02/11. Not shipped yet.
I assume I will be having to place am email on. 02/19.


  • @wntpce Im willing to bet if the label is made the item has been shipped already. You’ll probably get it monday or Tuesday

  • I always assumed the label was printed prior to shipping.

  • Dude, You still got a week to get it.

  • Dude. Read my other comments.

  • Thank BMan

  • wntpce who did you order from????
    loud is the slowest and CC is the fastest.
    in my experience, there is no refunds i have only ever got reships or replacements.
    going on 3 yrs here and not once have i lost anything from Medman.

  • Same here .....loud is the slowest....must be a Washington thing. I ordered 2/8 label printed 2/13.....still in "pre-shipment" mode. I haven't used CC yet, MMM was fast......faster than MedMama. I miss MedMamma! I'll be sticking with MMM from now on.

  • It looks like loud just listed everything as premium.

  • @Thisguy Mama needed some R&R but she gave me her Staff of Power and I do my best to be worthy of her.

  • @MerlinsMagic you wield the power well, young wizard!

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