Chitwan shroom review

I ordered some of the Chitwan shrooms and have mixed feelings about it. Having taken a med/large dose by way of a tea. The effects started to be felt within 20 minutes. I began to feel some of the warmth all over the body when a trip kicks in, but it wasn’t a full one. The visuals were great but I couldn’t ever find that hole back in the deepest recesses of mind that I usually climb into when tripping. There was not much of the dreamlike states that I often look forward to. I feel like this is a good introductory shroom for less experienced people. I think I’m looking for that rabbit hole that dives deep.


  • Dang bro they kicked my ass don’t do them often but visuals were strong at 2 gs for me lasted bout 5 hours

  • Trips often depend on your body too... what you've eaten etc. I like to fast beforehand for the strongest experiences. How much are you taking? Most people are really happy with this one.

  • They are a good strand but also put in mind how many flushes they have been through as well. I’ve realized with my grows the strongest come from the first couple flushes but in my experience chitwan has been one of my fav strains to study!! Mush luv ps if the chitwan doesn’t do it for you next time they get the albinos grab some of them!!

  • Tealeaves try penis envy strain if can get your hands on them or some psilocybe cyanescens which are shrooms that fruit in colder weather but have a higher psilocybin content then cubes do. And they produce amazing trips

  • These were really pretty most of them came together cap and stem. I had a similar experience when it came to the trip. I don't have much experience with shrooms so my tolerance is very low. The visuals were mild and I got some physical euphoria. But nothing like when I've tripped on golden teachers. That feeling of seeing the world completely different. I made both a tea and tried lemon tek I noticed that the water wasn't as blue like my prior experiences. I had ordered 1/2 oz and I took them in 2 doses. Im still appreciative that we even have a way to order these because shrooms are life changing and I think everyone should do these at least once a month. They've helped me with depression and anxiety. And they are super fun but also helpful if you are trying to come off some of the heavy drugs.

  • @gothgreekgod ,7 grams is a massive dose. Are you saying you had mild visuals?

  • Yeah that’s crazy, 1 and a half grams on empty stomach I was tripping, visuals and all, a good 4 to 5 hours

  • 2 grams was pretty intense for me I don’t do them often

  • When I do them it’s on an empty stomach and in the a.m.

  • @Fallguy Yeah i agree its a massive dose. Before buying anything new I make as much research as possible and when I found these it said online that they weren't as strong as golden teachers but they were still considered moderately strong. I think these would be good for someone not looking for something super strong. But what I enjoy about psychedelics is that openness your mind is exposed to.

  • I just got penis envy today 🎉🎊🍄, saving it for Friday night. Anyone try them yet?

  • Nice and empty stomach is way to go if you want the full effects! Good luck everyone they are very special fungi glad I see more people interested in this world changing 🍄

  • Yea I have to say that I have been very pleased with all of the shrooms I’ve gotten from medman…including the chitwan. I missed the penis envy this time but I’ll grab some next time. I used to grow penis envy and golden teach and Colombian Rust. Would LOVE to see some Columbian Rust come around.

  • @TheMad710Chemist colymbian rust is an amazing strain actually have jar colonizing rite now 🍄😍

  • Getting some new ones up soon, super strong Tidal Wave, look for it tomorrow

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