Anybody try Merlin’s Outdoor strains yet?

I feel like outdoor is hit or miss. I’ve had GREAT Jager and lackluster Hindu Kush. But I haven’t tried this batch of HK. What about the Hot Rod or Purple Og Funk? Anybody tried it yet?


  • Got the Green Dream (no longer available) and the Purple. Both work great for me. Feel like it is a great deal. YMMV.

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    @PolkHighStar i received both Hot Rod and Purple OG F. Effects are great on both for the price. Purple was very small buds with lots of small stems to deal with if smoking. Hot Rod bigger buds and provides a really nice sleep. POF good midday smoke. If you have a little extra $ the Platinum MAC is 💣

  • @Rockafire i have some of the Green Dream and it’s ok, but not great. Do you feel like the Purple is better or similar?

  • @superman38NC thanks for the info! Did you find one to be stronger overall than the others? I decided I’m not going to ever buy a Premium again, I feel like it’s just paying for looks. No doubt there’s some that are fire, but not worth the price imo.

  • @PolkHighStar I found them both to be above average, and a good deal for the price. Again, others may have a different opinion, but for me, they do the trick.

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    @PolkHighStar no problem! Between the two both have diff effects for me. As far as potency their about equal. Just depends if you want a more balanced go with Purple..I do find the purp to be long lasting. I enjoy the taste of both. Can’t go wrong if that’s what your picking between. Duct tape is excellent this time around.

  • yep, when you consider it is almost half the price of premo, well worth it.

  • Jager and Hot Rod just arrived! I'm stoked to sample this evening!

  • @TreesPlz let me know what you think of the Hot Rod! It may be a 420 order for me. I just ordered a split of Durban Poison and Jack Herer to try as well. I’m not a sativa guy usually but my curiosity got the best of me. I like the Jager, but it seems like it depends on what batch you get. Others love it and some say it’s no good. I think the taste is amazing and it’s a good 7/10 for me, but with that price you can’t beat it!

  • @PolkHighStar thirty minutes after pulling five tubes, it was impossible to keep my eyes open. If you like Frankenstein, you'll like this muscle car to Sleepyville.

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