LoudnCo- REALLY long shipping times compared to Merlin/CC

Just a note to those putting in orders- based on other messages on the forum and my own recent experience of having put in an order on the 22nd and 8 days later there is STILL no shipping label created, I would consider ordering from Merlin or Cannabis Club if time is an issue- One customer even reported receiving their CC order in 3 days (ordered on the 20th, received package in Southern U.S. on the 23rd- now THAT is fast delivery). Personally, I have had great experiences with Merlin since they debuted on site last year with most deliveries occurring within first 7 days. With it already being 8 days on this order and no record even existing on USPS, meaning a least another 4-5 days wait is excessive and not something I'm willing to do on regular basis- way too long.
Just a heads up y'all.
Best- JJ


  • I think it is kind of understood now by everyone that orders from Loud take the longest, Merlin is next fastest, and CC is the quickest of the three. Some of that is geography, some of it is the postal service in those areas, and some of it is just the shippers themselves. I think CC is in a geographic position that allows a quicker flow to the East Coast. Whereas Loud couldn't be further away without being located in Canada itself. And Merlin is just straight Cali shipping times that match all my Amazon shipping times coming out of the west coast. The thing to remember is: fast or slow, it always gets here. That's the MedMam promise. 👍🏼

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  • I've been with the service for over 6 years (maybe 7- lost count), and while it may be understood now that LoudNCo is "the slowest" of the most recent set of vendors, they didn't used to be like that. I've ordered from Merlin almost exclusively since MedMama's departure, but given the smaller concentrate menu and "crappy Vape cartridges" I decided to go with LoudnCo again after it had been probably a year since I ordered from them as my previous orders in the past arrived within 3-5 days (no bullshit), however something seems to have changed and since I don't frequent the "Discussion Forum" too often unless there's an issue that I want check for others experiencing, I went ahead with the order- now I know.

  • @CapnChronic

    My last order with Loud had issues, & out of being here 2 yrs, this is the 2nd time it's happened with Loud. I can't complain.
    From what I gather, it's definitely one of the hubs they're using. Whenever it's shipped from 'S', it's slow as molasses, but when it's shipped from 'E' it get it within 3-5 days tops.


  • @MigraineWarrior79 I understand the hubs being a major problem but I've not even seen a label from the 20th and wasn't informed of a substitute being need until a week later and still no label so it's not just the hubs but I'm not gonna get mad or anything cause maybe life happened who knows

  • Yes loud has always been slower for me also but so worth the wait for real they take real pride in what they produce I think!! Awesome products @LoudnCo

  • Ordered from Merlin on Friday night late.... East coast delivered today at noon. Thats WILD stuff! @MerlinsMagic kudos

  • It’ll be 2 wks tomorrow I’m waiting on a CC order. I guess I’ll write MB in the am. Not concerned, but waiting sure is a challenge.

  • @CapnChronic we've had issues with a lot of the stuff disappering from the site while we still have it. We're working hard on the tech issues to make sure the full selection is listed. Getting a bunch of new crumble soon.

    Some people had vapes that didn't work great with the TK branding and I won't be buying those again. Was there another issue? Have you tried the Cali Piff?

    I'm looking for the thread where it says it's crap so I make sure I don't order any nonsense again.

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