Merlin’s concentrate’s

Has anyone tried the wedding cake wax or the zookies concentrates? I’m looking for daytime concentrate’s 💨 that will pick me up.😊


  • Wedding Cake is more of a 50/50; Wookies is more of an upper, and Grape Gas. I haven't tried them yet, though. This is my guessimation based on parentage. 😉💚

  • Okay thank you. I’m wanting something to smoke 💨during the day but I’ve noticed sativa makes my anxiety worse. Merlin’s has some new concentrate’s that might work for me. I hope you have a blessed day..😊

  • @harleygirl_100

    I'm that way too. Once upon a time, I could handle the sativas, but not any longer.
    I tend to go for the 50/50 evenly balanced hybrids when I want the 'zoomies', or 'get up and go', lol.

    Be blessed as well, sugar 💚

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