Did anyone try gummy bears or bubba lush from MM?

Got that and ice pops, seeing if anyone tried the other two yet


  • @SlapThatBass

    I had both before. Gummy Bears is an anytime of the day or night type of smoke. It's a good stoney type that won't couchlock ya if there's things on the to do list.

    Bubba Kush is definitely heavier, and more of a night-time smoke. More for chillin, watching TV, or checking out some music. Keep munchies on hand ✋ 😋

  • @MigraineWarrior79
    Thanks for the review yeah your definitely right I got both of them. And both are so good the Gummy bears is great for day time and that bubba kush had me melted on the couch lol

  • Bickity bam!

  • @SlapThatBass

    So glad they're treating you right! 😊💚

  • The gummy bears a very nice hitting strain. Hard bud! Awesome tokes brothaman im still waiting on a second order thats lost enroute.

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