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Good bud don’t get me wrong. I’d pass though if looking for those big buds. To be honest should be listed as smalls in my opinion anyway. Not a bud over the size of a quarter in a oz.


  • I can't tell the difference between this and mamas indoor slurricane. After getting a half oz of shake from @LoudnCo of their PREMIUM mind flayer I'm over the moon for these nickel to quarter sized buds. Definitely a sleep medicine for me, and I never get enough of that kush flavor.

  • thanks or the review -- I've been holding off on Slurity cause I was leery it was a weird form of Slurrucaine, which was a fav... glad it rocks

  • the size of buds may look nice in the bag, but I've found that smalls can be just as strong or stronger. Got some layer cake smalls recently that were just as good as the Carmel Layer Cake Premium I'd bought. Lots of branding here. Big Buds, fancy and weird names, smaller or big -- if you like it, that's all that matters, I'm old School, like a lot of folks on here. We bought what was available --I think it was Sativa, cause I was paranoid all the time. Finally quit for years cause of it -- and lots of my friends did too. Now we're spoiled -- and we can't even buy in our state yet!. The Post Office ordeal stresses me out -- even though It's always arrived. Finally, waiting for this stuffs A LOT easier if you have some on handy already. That way you're not jones-ing. Got off topic. Sorry,

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