Experiences with 1P-LSD

Anyone have any experiences with 1P-LSD and LSD if so what was the difference? I have had just 1P and it was quite nice from what I remember I had it when I was 16 so a wee lad and honestly took too much for my first time 3 tabs but it was nice for the first bit until I started having a bad trip lol. My trips after with it were much better after I realized my ego was too big and not to take too much and to just take enough to dissolve my ego a bit to realize how I was bad in some ways. After learning so much from getting rid of my ego a bit I loved 1P but some day would love to try the real thing. To add shrooms have been a big part of learning who I really am too but 1P-LSD helped a lot too at the time I was able to get it. I have to say that overall that 1P felt more invigorating but shrooms helped me see a deeper side of me, but maybe that's because I've had a lot higher dose in shrooms my highest dose being 8 grams.
Anyway let me know your experiences with either substance LSD or 1P or shrooms


  • To add I realize that 1P-LSD and others like 1CP-LSD are prodrugs of LSD so you could say I've had the real thing already. But I still would like to try pure acid the real LSD-25

  • That will probably never happen as acid is hard to come by nowadays at least real LSD-25

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