Greenhouse Pop Tarts from Merlin

@MerlinsMagic Greenhouse Pop Tarts deliver. This is a bright strain, and I got no munchies from it either. Most of the nuggets are about thimble size, a couple are bigger, and many more smaller. The trim is tight, but the nugs don't look all that impressive to me though. I mean, when you look at cannabis porn and see crystal covered red hairs and your mouth is all drooling... that ain't happening here. Pop Tarts doesn't look all that exciting; they don't look sexy like weedporn, but looks can be deceiving.

Don' t judge a strain by its cover. The smell in the bag is very nice, the buds were cured right and it burns very well. The smoke is not harsh at all, and (from a guy whose taste/smell capacity is wrecked) it tastes very nice.

The price is right too. Inflation sux when you're on a fixed income, kwim?


  • Thx for the review! @justaguy seems like Mama had pop tarts on the menu couple yrs back. I tried that batch which was labeled as high cbd & thc. I do remember liking it. If your looking for an awesome sativa give Bel Air a shot if it returns.

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