Tropicana Cookies

Anyone received the greenhouse Tropicana Cookies, If so how is it . Smell taste and high . It can be a very good strain with tangie genetics.


  • Arriving today I'll let you know soon

  • Indoor Tropicana Cookies ‐ @MerlinsMagic

    All the buds were stuck together once I opened the bag. Citrus dank aroma with a base aroma of cookies.

    Taste great too! Uplifting high & made me giggle a few times at stupid stuff. The cookies definitely even this strain out & relaxes you. Overall just great stuff!!

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    @ChunksEggo8187 thx for the pics and review!! Looks awesome my sticky buds!..Merlin seems to be on top of that.

  • Yeah what he said. Smell was a little off but a hint of sour citrus is there

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