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Can anyone recommend a couple current strains that have a great smell, taste and texture / sticky? Just looking for suggestions . I prefer fresher not dried.


  • It’s really hard to tell due to the obvious circumstances. I’ve gotten from all the suppliers and some was good some was bad at different times but you never know what you’re going to get you never know whether it’s coming from the same bag or whether it is what it is that’s all in faith, not bad mouthing the service but the logistics just can’t allow you to know for sure. There is really something to be said for the old times of being able to go to my friends house where you sat down and talked for a while. He’d break out a dobbie of what he is going to sell you, and whether it was good or bad you bought some anyway but is usually good. And at least you knew what you was getting. But with that being said Jagger is about the only one I stuck with that was kind of close to the skunk and it’s an outdoor which is good as well. occasionally you’ll get a seed which isn’t bad and it seems to do the trick consistently for me not the greatest but not the worst but at least consistent so I hope this helps. Indica so, a lazy sedation.

  • Thank you Brother

  • @Pageset

    Most of the time the greens have smelled great and been pretty sticky. I have gotten some that were a little on the drier side, but I refreshed them some with boveda packs.

    I usually store my greens with boveda packs which helps regulate the relative humidity of the herb inside the container. You can get a variety of percentages. I usually use the 62% rh terpene shield packs which have been great so far.

    I tried other packs out there, but have stuck with boveda overall.

    Not sure if that helps any, but from the current selection, I would recommend MAC 1 from loud or Gushlato from merlins.

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