Louds Animal Pie

The animal pie I received looks great, Crystal coated and colorful. Smell is pretty strong burnt rubber/gas, taste similar. Good smoke I'm not complaining, I'd just like to point out it's definitely not animal pie and by looking at the menu and from personal experience I'd say its a MAC of some kind. I'm happy to have it since I really didn't care what showed up as long as it's dank. But most of the time I order from here its to try a particular strain I don't have access to. Also medboy is frickin amazing, I was butt hurt and he made it right.


  • interesting post. He's had it on menu for a while. I got some a month or so ago and it KICKED MY ASS --and I've got a high tolerance. I've had MAC before, but don't recall much about it. Whatever this is, the Animal Pie I got was super=couch-locked. Actually, been on here four years and it ranked among top 5 for indica. Ordered more but it's not arrived. I'll let folks know if this this batch is as good. Thanks!

  • What I received is daytime for me. Its dank all big buds, the largest ~5g. I just wouldn't expect AP to smell strongly of burnt rubber and gas. Again great smoke.

  • daytime, huh? We didn't get the same batch or your tolerance is higher than mine.. It's difficult to couch-lock me and even harder to find something that makes me go to sleep, but this stuff did. I actually ordered it again this last go around, so I'm thnking this may be weaker batch -- I hate that. who knows. I got mine in July.

  • us folks from illegal states, sure like ordering online -- but we still have to deal with kind of stuff, naming one strain after the other. Was yours premium indoors? I noticed that brand has been up there a while -- with I dont know. Seems that now cannabis is big biz out there, we'd have more quality control. But at this point, I'm just grateful I don't have to call so and so to find out if so and so had so and so......and so it goes.

  • When I receive my flower I jar it up immediately and typically pull out a gram or so at a time and keep in a small jar. I found out their was two different strains in my animal pie. Most of it was overwhelming rubber scent but I've found two buds that when separated are definitely cookies smelling. Again great smoke but mixing strains is kind of shady.

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