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Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has tried these disposable cape pods that Loud has. How do you like it if so? Any defects? Leaks? How’s the taste and/or potency?


  • There is one review about 10 posts down from yours titled 'new vapes from loud.' Ive got some ordered, curious whether it can make it thru the pod clog free. The carts i have tried, nearing the end is like sucking a basketball through a garden hose.

  • Something I figured out is you have to hit the cart very slowly, like a drinking straw with whiskey not a milk shake. Not only is the flavor and vape concentration better but I no longer get clogs. I've sucked up through it before.

  • But what if it's a really thick milkshake?

  • Or a whiskey milk shake?

  • Whiskey milkshake...now yer talkin! Should be a new strain.

  • Thanks everyone. I did see the other review of the disposable pods but was hoping for some more info from others. Seems like a lot of them have been bought now but haven’t heard much about them yet.

  • Haven't seen much about them so here's an info dump:
    I recently received the disposable pods as an error for my order, but they were so good I'm not upset about the mistake. They are extremely flavorful and unbelievably potent - the first time I tried them I only needed 1 big hit to get put on my ass lol. Some things to note - since it's live resin, the weed smell is strong so it's not as discreet. Regarding the cloggage, one of my pods did not clog a single time and needed the slightest pull to get a huge hit, and the other was clogged the whole time. To fix it, I stuck a threading needle or anything thin enough down the hole, pulled it out, and it worked fine after that (just left with a little concentrate on the needle). After unclogging it I had to pull really hard to get a hit...like I was drinking a really thick milkshake. Overall, these pods are amazing, 100% straight gas. Regardless of which one you choose you'll be floating on some good tasting dankness.

  • Got my 2 today, for me theyre not 1 hit, but on par with other Loud and Merlin vapes. Flavor is excellent. One of them hits masterfully, tight mouth to lung, the other is extremely loose. Seems like its just the draw activation switch is a little wonky. Qc probably not the finest on these, they are iKrusher uzo 300 mah. Vapes is not a perfect science and thick liquids are hard to get right as well. Price is a little high imo but very convenient to have this nice little compact all in one. Could do without the herb leaf art on it, could also just put a piece of tape over it. Charging is micro usb.

  • Follow up on these pods, first one started clogging with around 1/4 of the liquid left. I would have to take some hard hits to clear it and then it would give some half assed vapor. Today with just a little liquid left I couldnt get it cleared. Used paperclip to try to open er up, just wont activate. This is normal for me with most vape carts, was just hoping these would be better. Im not sure if 2 weeks on a pod is long or short compared to other folks. Will start on the second one later today and report back on that as well. The second one already has a wonky draw activation so my hopes are not high.

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    It's easier said than done but shorter slightly more gentle pulls from beginning and if possible store upside down so liquid isn't pooling in coil during cool down usually helps alleviate clogging some

  • I got a total of 4 disposable vapes1st one worked well, but I have the other one of the same strain more than half full, and it won’t take a charge,,,, and my other one was plugged in charging but the resin leaked out of the mouthpiece and I can’t use any of it. Got 1left….🤞 I think I’ll stick to old school methods

  • Considered snagging some these but if they're that problematic don't think I wanna gamble not being able to use at 80a whack or having multiple with issues on a quantity ticket that stinks

  • I’ve given up on the vapes lol it’s a costly gamble

  • Ive given up on the second pod but not vapes. I knew it would be a struggle bc it didnt work properly from the jump. It is about halfway thru the liquid and its clogged beyond redemption. Vapes are always fiddly, but with this device being draw only there is no real way to get it heated up to where u can break thru and get a hit. With a button device at least u can kinda force it thru. Can't recommend these pods, the flavor is awesome but if you cant get a hit u cant taste it.

  • @Vapedad78 im back to the merlin refills and got some sprk2 ceramic carts to try this time, will try the slow gentle pulls. Cant store upside down though it just sits how it sits in my bag. What carts do you use?

  • I didn’t usually use carts, I use concentrates in my puffco plus. I love the convenience of the carts but WAY too much waist. Sadly

  • Some generic ones that have a plastic case can put in while not using but lots of time I'm too lazy for the extra work or forget till to late lol just know it's how was told to store regular vaping atomizers and when I've remembered and taken the steps it does seem to help some

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