lemon cherry gelato

anyone try out yet?


  • Tried Merlins sugar wax LCG..excellent! Have some of the flower on the way. Will let you know

  • Tempting but I went with some of the Georgia Pie and GMO off the latest adds. Haven’t got them yet

  • Waiting on a split of that and gmo it sounded amazing so we'll see

  • The sugar wax of LCG was really nice! Super potent. Great flavor.

  • I'll be getting more from the same people this month <3

  • I agree. It’s great.

  • I just picked up some discount smalls of this same lemon cherry gelato... it will be my best deal on the site because there are a few sugar leaves still on it.

  • @posternugbag @MerlinsMagic Georgia Pie is fantastic! It gave me a burst of social/chatty energy. Then an anti-anxiety relaxing high without being completely debilitated! No munchies. Not sleepy. But 100% chilled out!

  • Very nice and very pleased so far with that split the gmo is on point per usual and the 🍋 🍒 🍦 has me wondering what the difference between the indo and primo is because the indo is quite nice already honestly could almost be slightly more dry but vapes and burns nicely with great taste and effects, pretty purple frosted hues and pungent smell definitely add to the bag appeal

  • edited September 2022

    @Vapedad78 i received the same split. I ordered the LCG when it was advertised as indoor. Got a split of that and GMO. Both fantastic quality like you mentioned!

  • The GMO is great but the Georgia Pie premium is incredible. Probably the best strain I’ve gotten from here almost ever. Definitely the best I’ve gotten since Merlin joined. Wish I got a full zip and not just a half.

  • @posternugbag good lookin might have to try and heed your advice then, awesome @superman38NC glad to hear it know I definitely felt was dough well used this time round pretty and effective

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