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Man, those are something else. Ended up 5 mi from home during a walk this morning (unintentionally). Their THC powerhouses & one hell of a good bargain. I'm set for like the next 3 months assuming an ounce a month. Kudos y'all. Didn't find out until after I had already consumed that they're too much for Snoop Dogg. 🤯

Edit: Probably wouldn't pack a bowl with a piece larger than the knuckle on your middle finger.


  • Dang they musta stepped these up I haven't tried any in bout a year or so I'm guessing but those couple batches were little harsh and not as good as was hoping would be but I have noticed the pics look lot better on menu so might have to give another shot

  • Mine are premium sourced single strain, not odd bits and ends from leftovers.

  • @MerlinsMagic putting in the effort and being the change we need, well played yall very impressed and much appreciated

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