Current strain on menu similar to Merlin's Delicacy?

Hi all. Anyone know a strain currently on the menu that is similar to Merlin's Delicacy from a few months ago?


  • @baggy i never tried Delicacy but remember the reviews being great..Iā€™m really liking the Gary Payton and Jealousy. I ordered the GH Deps.. pics/descriptions are spot on for me. The Ultra Premium Jelly Sea looks šŸ„“

  • Coming shortly Truffle Shuffle. It's a bit of a different bud, but from the same farm.

  • Is it Chunk's Truffle Shuffle? šŸ˜šŸ’š

  • @superman38NC I got the Ultra Premium Jelly Sea, and it's GREAT for anxiety/relaxing! Super chill strain.

  • Nice! @baggy i like chill strains. The GH Deps Jealousy was excellent too. Got a split of that and Gary Payton. Half of Gary left while the Jealousy is long gone šŸ˜Ž

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